Anti-vaxxers aren’t happy that Sen. John Liu (D-Flushing) backed mandated vaccines for public school students, and they won’t let him forget it.

Liu spoke at the We Love Whitestone Civic Association meeting Wednesday, Nov. 20, to discuss community concerns, but the conversation turned to his June vote to end religious exemptions for vaccines.

“You said you would protect my family and you lied, and for that I hold you accountable,” said Bonnie Skala Kiladitis, the mother of an unvaccinated, disabled son whom she took out of school following the passing of the bill and says is now without special needs assistance.

Kiladitis, a member of the Holy Trinity Church community where the meeting was held, later told the Chronicle that her duties as a mother have her resorting to battling Liu at the local meetings he appears, many of which take place in religious institutions. “There’s an irony in that.”

While many parents reject vaccines for religious beliefs, others worry that the injections cause autism, a rumor many medical experts continue to dispute.

Marianna Ferrari raised suspicions that Liu’s vote was swayed by big donors.

“How much did they pay you to vote that way? I think it’s very coincidental how a lot of money suddenly hit Albany after this bill passed,” accused Ferrari.

“If you’re saying that I voted in favor of the vaccines because I’m going to profit financially from it because of my ownership or my ties to these companies, that’s bulls–t,” Liu fired back.

Despite the arguments laid out by the anti-vaxxers in the audience, Liu remained supportive of his original decision. “A lot of other parents are relieved.”

Below is a video of the talk